got caught in a dreamy sea monster vagina thing



if neko case/broken bells is streaming on youtube look 4 me

i think i see fab on the side of the haim stage omg

white ppl

my friend is in the huge crowd for a$ap ferg cuz haims on after and i left to get water and now theres this impenetrable wall of white kids i literally cannot get thru i really hope she gets barricade when they all leave when hes done

some of these ppl r so embarrassing oh my god

but there was only like one dude without a shirt in that picture

u aint seen the kinda shit that ive seen

weve arrived at the unattractive shirtless white boy convention

weve arrived at the unattractive shirtless white boy convention

desert and snow

desert and snow





Grandpa gets a surprise bulldog puppy for his birthday, something he’s always wanted.

It’s pure happiness for both of them

watch this

My frozen heart melts a little. How sweet!

hi steph!!! what time did you get to the drowners/temples show to be front row?? and did they hang out by the merch table afterwards? me and my friend are seeing them next saturday and we both really want to meet them!

o k a y i feel kinda bad but it was a huge drive so we got there maybe 20 min before the doors opened and i was ALL the way in the back of the line while my sister and mom were parking the car and then rachel (gohomealexyouredrunk) spotted me and came over and invited me over to where she and her buds were chilling at the front.

they got there at 5 and got to meet them, so i’d say 4:30-5 is right about where u should be. and YES they did, during temples they came out to the merch table and signed everything and talked a LOT and took pictures and they were sososo friendly it was great

alex and arielle or alex and alexa?

who gives a shit he’s w/ arielle right now and they’re cute as fuck and i doubt alex and alexa r ever gonna get back together so what does it matter honestly